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Like what you see? Visit our retail location for even more great ideas!

We all love shopping on the internet, for the convenience and the selection. But for those of you who miss the sensation of holding items in your hand, we know of a wonderful place where you can see these same items and more, up-close and personal.

Our Retail Store, located in Hubbard (just 35 minutes from Downtown Portland) is a treasure trove of cool decor, fun ideas, beautiful works of art and unique creations.

You'll find these items used in interesting displays, designed to help you create a unified look for any theme. You'll see each piece up close, where you can get a "feel" for the item and find the ones that "speak" to you.

Need some design ideas? We've got them by the barrel-full! Talk to our friendly staff about your likes and dislikes and let us to help you choose the right items to match your décor, your home and your personal tastes. We love the things we sell, and we know you will love them, too!

Go to our "Find Us" page for turn-by-turn directions to our location in Hubbard and come see us soon!

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